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Vanilla UI

Feature set 1

Basic features and Vanilla UI that still ensures that the Product is Meaningful.



advanced UI

Feature set 2

Advance user journeys with add-on features and an advanced UI.



Advance features

Feature set 3

Full blown Product with Advance features, User analytics and UI with all the bells and whistles.

Hestabit has been our Virtual CTO all these years!

"Being my first time using a team over the internet, I was very Sceptical but HestaBit Technologies delivered on their promises, kept me within the loop and produced excellent Work. They were able to identify issues with my work that I had previously failed to identify and rectify them within a specified period of time. I highly recommend them. Thanks, Guys.”

Paul Asiimwe - image converter

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We were able to get the most out of our LIMITED BUDGET

“It was a pleasure to work with Team Hestabit, they were prompt and complied with all my requests in an efficient, courteous and above all professional manner. The job was completed to a high standard. Excellent!”

Jayant lakhera - Sportsbrick

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We were able to build an enterprise Application in just UNDER 100 days!

“This was a fairly complex project which was handled really well by the team. We had a very strict deadline as we had to launch it before our competitors. Hestabit worked tirelessly on the project and built the core of the project within the set deadline. The project had multiple dependencies in terms of technology and with their technical expertise, we were able to research, develop and deploy the features that were really critical for the product. Collaborating with them was a great experience”

Asit Gupta - Journy

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At What Stage Is Your Startup?

whom would you like to talk to?

Anshul Mishra

Anshul Mishra

Chief Technology

The go-to guy if you are absolutely sure about how the site is going to work. You have a clear understanding of the user journey and features. You just need the technical consultation to proceed further.

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Maryada Mittal

Maryada Mittal

Business Development

Maryada can help you define the product in terms of use cases, features, and how it works. If you want to understand how to push the project forward and the costs involved in doing so, then she is your go-to person.

Let's talk know more about Maryada Mittal
Rahul Chugh

Rahul Chugh

Startup Strategist

Rahul being a Startup help guy, can help you with how to plan your start-up. He can help with what should be the minimum features that it would take to launch the product.

Let's talk know more about Rahul Chugh

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