mobile app Developement process

So finally you have begun your quest of finding the best Mobile Application Development Company for your Startup or business process.

So how do you define the best? Someone who understands you, the one which can work with a given time and budget and yet deliver value, right?

We believe that every app idea needs a technology partner who not just understands coding and development but also understands the underlying restrictions that almost every Startup has.

All startups have a limited time, budget and yet need a quality benchmarked app. We take that challenge.

Being an app development agency, our experience with startups has conditioned us in a way which helps us build successful product strategies along with successful mobile apps.

Mobile App Development Service Like Never Before

mobile app Developement process

We promise confidentiality

We are a renowned application development agency and we understand that you might be skeptical about sharing your app idea with us,but a lot of startups as well as huge enterprises trust us and so can you. If you have doubts, we are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we go ahead in talking business.

mobile app Developement process

We build; you own!

All your assets and codes belong to just you. You are just hiring hestabit for your project, you still own all the rights to your application. So, automatically you are the owner of all mobile solutions like API documentation, mobile app designs, cloud architecture and the code. All assets are absolutely free!

Mobile App Status- Ok Tested!

Idea to innovation

We want us to be together on this journey. While we work on your app with all our hearts, we make sure you are a part of each step. From mockup to prototype to product, let’s together explore all possibilities of your business plan.

Always striving towards better

We have developed apps for multiple clients across the US and UK. And we can proudly say, we are not afraid of taking on a challenge. We would love to challenge our limits. So if you have an out of box idea and having a hard time deciding who can make it work for you, then you have come to the right place.

Transparency is our key

We are one hundred percent transparent. You can see your application passing through each phase as it grows. We make sure to keep our clients updated, so the application can be built just the way you want.

So how do we create a successful Mobile App strategy for a Startup?

Well, first we need to make sure that we have defined the USP of the app very clearly. We define the one big problem that the Mobile App is going to solve.

Once that is clear, then based on the time and the budge that the Startup has planned for the product, we discuss the functionalities that can be accommodated.

We discuss what is absolutely necessary and what can be compromised for a quick launch. This makes sure that the core idea of the product is absolutely there in the App and it still gets built up in within a stipulated cost and time.

What You Get?

Our focus is on you!

We make sure you get the benefits of a long-term, trustable and skilled mobile application development agency like us.

User Flow

Brief insight on the journey map of your user flow.


Blueprint of all elements your mobile app has.

UI/UX Design

We ensure the best user experience for your app.


We provide our clients with interactive prototypes for a close to actual experience of the product.

Cloud architecture

Your app will be planned by developers and built in strong cloud architecture.

API Integration

We’ll provide you with google maps, stripes or other third party API integration.

BETA Launch

We run your app through rigorous testing before launch, this ensures your app is bugfree.

We are here to stay

We will be there for you even after the app launch, for maintenance and everything!

How do we actually build Mobile Apps?

As we are an experienced app development company we have a dedicated team of experts that work on Native Android, iOS, and Hybrid platforms.

All these professionals are hired after 6 rounds of the interview where they are judged on their technical skills as well as business understanding. They are even given a special induction for our “Startup Agile methodologies”.

We ensure that everyone from the project manager, Graphic designers to app developers understand the kind of gap we are trying to bridge when we say “We are startup focussed”.

Technologies that we use for launching disruptive startups.

We are really strong on the business consultancy to startups and these startups love when we discuss the kind of technology we use for their products.

We use Technology which is cutting-edge, future-proof and real-time.

mobile app Developement Technology

Gems of Hestabit

We have a team of excellent professionals with a skill set enough for developing a brilliantly smooth app. From the ideation to support, we’re here throughout your product journey. Our team is well-equipped with cutting-edge frameworks and automation tools.

We are capable of taking your idea to the next level. Keeping our client’s goal as our own, we have created many future-ready projects that rock the market as soon as they’re launched. Don’t trust us? Ask our clients!

mobile app Developement process

Android App Development

Our team has extensive development experience in Android App development. We go well beyond what you see on the screen of your Android device.

Our team has specialists in the field of XMPP chat servers, RTSP (Streaming Protocols), LDAP, Microsoft Active Sync, Asterisk, VOIP, OpenSips, Wowza etc. Our Apps have won Special mentions in Cannes’ Festival of Creativity and has won a number of prestigious awards.

Android App Development in hestabit

iOS App Development

As a top-notch ios app development it's really important for us to keep the iOS design standards in mind while designing an iOS application. We have a special place in our heart for iOS applications ( Read Apple ) and it can be clearly seen in our products.

We tend to use native designs and native controllers which not only keep turnaround time faster but also make the App robust and future-proof.

iOS App Development

Hybrid App Development

While Native apps are best when you have a “certain” budget and time with you; hybrid mobile app development should be preffered choice if you are launching your first app. It has a faster go to market, faster development, fewer dependencies and half the cost of native apps.

We use React Native to build Hybrid apps. It helps us to run almost the same codebase on all the platforms, be it web or mobile.

Hybrid App Development in hestabit

Applications Built by Us

This is our wall of fame. We have proudly built some amazing applications adored by users.

Stairway to your success

mobile app Developement process

Free project management & QA

We are not greedy like others. If you work with us you don’t have to worry about paying extra anywhere. Through all of the process you’ll be in constant communication with our most senior resources. Never in the process you’ll feel skeptical about our mobile app development services.

By the end you will have a bug free app and we’ll have a happy client.

mobile app Developement process

Faster project delivery

Mobile app development companies like Hestabit understand your time is important, which is why we work in beast mode.Even after your application has been sent on any app store we will wait until it's approved. If by any chance it gets rejected we’ll stay here, fix the issues and stay by your side until the app is released. We’re in this together!

Here are a few Success Stories about why Startups that work with us have millions of downloads, are funded and are so successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of developing a mobile application totally depends on what you are expecting to implement in it. It depends on multiple factors like UI design, complexity, app categories, etc. we would only be able to present numbers once we are aware of your requirements.

There are several technologies like Xamarin, Ionic, React Native, and many more. All these are great for developing a mobile application. However, you must first analyze your requirements and then decide which technology suits you the best.

If you are confused, you can contact us for consultation.

We are so happy to hear that you have successfully completed the first and most crucial phase of application development. If you are confused about what to do next, try contacting us.

Share your fantastic idea with us (don’t worry, we promise confidentiality), and let us help you get to the next stage of application development.

You bet we can. Most of the applications we build are made to function flawlessly for both the master players of the market, Android, and iOS. So if we develop your app, you can lose your fear of missing out.

We just don’t claim to build great applications. We follow all steps before we start developing your application. We hold up meetings with you and all our developers and discuss each of your requirements before we start working on your application.

This depends entirely on your needs and requirements. An application that is built to be successful can not compromise on anything, be it the time frame or quality. So if you need to develop a complex application, it may take a little more time than launching a simple app.

We would try our best to comply with your timeframe, but it is essential to understand that sometimes delivering a project quicker is not an option. How will you expect your project to be excellent if you don’t devote appropriate time to it?

We understand that you might need to make changes in your mobile application with the growing time, and we appreciate it. We will be glad to help you with making changes. However, we suggest you start by launching a simpler version of your application and continue to modify it with time.

We are positive that we can make it work. However, we prefer starting from scratch to build an application with each structured step, but if you have some powerful and dynamic designs that can help your application, then we have no problem in working on them.

If we think your designs can be improved or do not fit right with the standard we are expecting, then we’ll tell you honestly. After all, both of us are in this together. Right?

Yes, we follow proper procedures to keep your application and data secured. All the passwords and codes are secured through well-developed encryption algorithms. So if anyone other than us and you tried to get access to your personal data, they would have to perform complex decryption to convert your data into a readable format.

We make sure that your data is not compromised anywhere in the process. We have built our market reputation with a lot of hard work, and at no point, we do anything that could jeopardize it.

So what’s your story?

Global Startups have global teams. Who knew that Google would find his CEO in India?
It’s time we begin, isn’t it?

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