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Yes, we give you the top 3% of IT talent with IT outsourcing services.
Our dedicated resources can seamlessly blend with your internal or distributed teams, to help you achive your big picture goal.

Hire IT Talent

Augment Your Staff with HID

Think of HID as an engine which keeps producing dedicated resources. It is HestaBit's pool of 250+ and counting dedicated experts including developers, UI/UX designers, and Quality Analysts, who have experience in contemporary frameworks (Angular, Laravel, React Native, etc), design and automation tools. You can pick and choose your resource from HID, and extend your team within 24 hours.

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The Right Scenarios to
Hire HID Resources

  • When you want to hire dedicated developers for a nice technology, within 24 hours.
  • When you immediately want to hire a backup team to support your core team.
  • When you have budgetary constraints and you can't hire the expensive local time.
  • When your project scope is varying continuously and you want to scale your team accordingly.

Perks of Extending
Your Team with HID

  • Support of a well-established development team that worked on 500+ projects.
  • Direct communication with your dedicated resources.
  • Access to knowledgeable dedicated resources who participate in internal workshops.
  • Strict NDA terms
  • Reduced Capital Costs
  • 7-day free trial

Staff Augmentation and so Much More

We pride ourselves on our ability to challenge core assumptions, unpick legacy behaviors, streamline complex processes, and strike a balance between great design and functional development.


We maintain absolutely transparency in:

  • Hiring process (Screening and selection)
  • Development and reporting
  • Communication between clients and developers

Administrative Onus

Our customer success managers take care of the administrative hassles like:

  • Payroll operations
  • Team setup
  • Resources' grievances

Agile Talent Pool

We have a huge pool of dedicated, agile resources including:

  • 150+ full stack developers
  • 50+ Designers
  • 30+ Quality analysts

Consistent Growth of Resources

We make sure that 3 to 4 workshops are conducted every quarter to:

  • Keep our dedicated resources ahead of the curve
  • Make our resources learn about scalability and usability
  • Diffuse knowledge of senior resources among the entire pool

Delivery Management

We ensure top-notch quality of our delivery by:

  • Constantly tracking our resource's productivity metrics
  • Measuring our resource's KPIs
  • Frequently gathering reviews from customer


We give consultation to our clients on:

  • Scaling of the Product
  • Usability of the product
  • Capacity management

Our Quick 3-step Process Is Tailor
Made for Immediate Hirings

With us there is no need to go through a plethora of questions. We rely on our experience, perception and awareness to quickly gauge your project scope and requirements.

You Get in Touch With Our Experts

Our experts will learn about your current team size, your goals, and resource requirements

We Handpick Resumes For You

Based on your requirements, we will shortlist resumes of our HID resources within 24 hours. You can conduct an interview and pick the most suitable resource, or ask for more resumes.

The Work Begins

You can start working with your HID resources on a 7-day free trial basis, and hire the resource if everything works out well.

Immediate Hirings

Domains in Which We Are Tremendously Successful

Healthcare & Fitness

E-learning & Education

E-Commerce & Shopping

Sports & Recreation

Media & Entertainment

Banking & Finance

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