One idea many implementations

We keep it very clear that idea
and products are different.

The idea is the core engine. It is the gap that you want to bridge. A product is the technology that enables it. We see technology as the way of reaching out to the end users and helping them to achieve the "Delta". For that, we might have to create an App, a website or a progressive web app that serves both worlds. We understand what a start-up is and we help them achieve what they should technically.

That's what we do.

One idea many implementations

Boring website v/s Engaging websites

The internet is full of websites that claim that they are start-ups.

We ensure that your USP is visible when someone hits the site or an app. He immediately knows how he can use it and how it is useful to him. The product becomes a part of him for the days to come. This is not about creating a site or a app.

This is about developing a start-up and that is what we do.

The internet is full of boring sites. We make your start-up stand-out. this is what we do.

Boring website v/s  Engaging websites

Journey Timeline

In our journey so far and in our quest to help start-ups we have been able to create some technology masterpieces. But most importantly, we have launched start-ups that today Rank# 1 on play store, Start-ups that have over a million downloads and Start-ups that have got funded.

All these years we have been approached by some of the Biggest Brands, Fortune 500 Companies, Top News Channels and a lot of Start-ups.

Mobile App Development Services

Successful Mobile App is not built by accident. Plan it with an Award Winning team which knows this game.

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Let’s make the web more effective with Fast, Light, Secure and Bespoke web applications.

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Our Awards

Our Apps have been nominated at Cannes Lions festival and have generated over $Millions in PR. Our apps have been featured in "Favourite Website Awards (FWA)" and have received IAF Hall of fame for "Campaign for the Year"!


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a whiteboard where start-ups can come and write their ideas.

Then according to their resources, the product can be thought. As an experienced start-up partner, we believe it is our responsibility to keep a lot of things in mind that even the founders might skip. We need to make sure that the user-journeys have the least friction. We need to have the User Experience, "attention engineered". We have to keep the USP stand out and all this should be built on a technology stack that does not burn out once it has a few million users.


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We had the pleasure of being a partner for companies from markets like fintech, health, government, education, security, big data & many more.

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