See a day in our office

Morning Briefing
09:00 AM

Morning Briefing:
Let's Get Down to Business

As the sun rises on another exciting day, we start with a “Headlines only meeting” where we set the agenda, swiftly locking in project targets and establishing priorities. This energizing ritual kickstarts our productivity, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and ready to conquer the day's challenges with vigor and determination.

Let's roll
10:00 AM

Let's roll!

Once everyone knows what we are cooking today, the entire team gears up with excitement and purpose. Armed with clarity about our respective tasks, we tackle the day's challenges with a unified spirit. With optimism and determination, we roll up our sleeves and get ready to make a difference and leave our mark in the world of IT.

New Project, New Opportunities
11:00 AM

New Project,
New Opportunities

As the day unfolds, a wave of excitement washes over us as we receive a new project. It is the moment of synergy as our project and business management teams join forces. With precision and efficiency, we swiftly set things in motion, ensuring that every project takes off like a rocket, propelling our clients toward success and growth. Adhering to SLAs is second nature to us as we aim for nothing less than excellence.

talk to the client
12:00 PM

Let's talk to the client

We waste no time. Our dedicated project manager reaches out to our clients with a warm welcome. It's not just a call; it's the beginning of a strong and personal connection. Our project manager becomes their trusted guide, accompanying them on the entire journey of the project, and offering continuous support. Clients also appreciate knowing the faces behind the screens.

Keeping It Simple, Making It Great
01:00 PM

Keeping It Simple,
Making It Great

We pride ourselves on embracing simplicity as our guiding principle. We believe that true brilliance lies in crafting massive yet straightforward systems that provide a seamless user experience. Our diligent project managers ensure that the user's journey is that of the least resistance, leaving no room for loopholes or inefficiencies in the system. By staying true to this mantra of simplicity, we are able to create great solutions that leave a lasting impact.

Brainstorming Session with the team
02:00 PM

Innovation through Collaboration - Brainstorming Brilliance

Facing a complex project, we gather the best minds on our team. Whatever technical challenge we are facing, an expert joins the session, blending their expertise with the project manager's, client feedback, and the team's collective experience. This brainstorming session aims to spark creativity and define the ideal blueprint for the project, incorporating valuable inputs from all involved parties.

Crunching codes and Snacks
03:00 PM

Crunching Codes (And Snacks) - Teamwork in Action

As the development phase begins, the office temperature rises with the dedication and passion of our developers. With unwavering focus, they dive deep into coding. Our project managers are always there, supporting the team and occasionally bringing snacks to fuel their efforts. It's the perfect blend of teamwork and camaraderie that has fostered an environment in our company where excellence thrives.

Project Planning Meeting
04:00 PM

Planning for Success -
Project Planning Meeting

Project planning begins with a meeting led by the project manager and attended by the Delivery Head, CTO, and the developer. The objective of this meeting is to create a detailed and actionable plan, select the best technology for the project, and welcome any suggestions that could benefit the project in the long run. We also establish Sprints and define update dates during this collaborative session, setting the groundwork for successful project execution.

Developer Updates and Discussions
05:00 PM

Celebrating Progress - Developer Updates and Discussions

As the day progresses, our developers are geared up with updates as well as valuable questions. This feedback loop helps us and the clients refine the conditions and update the Sprint. We are fortunate to have developers who think like product owners, fostering a sense of innovation.

Time for Updates
06:00 PM

Client Collaboration -
Time for Updates

Thanks to the “small time difference” with most countries, we usually have an update call with our clients at this time. This call keeps them in the loop about the day's progress. We also share our accomplishments, discuss suggestions based on the day's work, and address queries. We keep this call light and even exchange jokes to further strengthen our connection with the client. This is also when we end the day on a positive note for the development team.

Business Analysis
07:00 PM

Building Connections Business Analysis with Potential Clients

This part of the day is dedicated to having meaningful interactions with potential clients. Our business managers and consultants engage in discussions where hundreds of questions flow in as we delve into the technicalities of the project. This can include tech choices, implementation approaches, and platform selection. We enjoy guiding clients-to-be on their exciting journey to success.

Delicious food
08:00 PM

Time to Recharge -
Delicious Cafeteria Treats

As the day is nearing its end, those who remain in the office, whether it's for calls, testing, or other tasks, recharge in the terrace cafeteria. Known for its delightful snacks and mouth-watering sandwiches, it's the perfect place for our team to take a break while savoring the delightful flavors.

Working Hours
09:00 PM

Determined Delivery -
Working Beyond Hours

The delivery team, committed to meeting deadlines, can often be seen working diligently even after everyone has left for the day. We understand that our clients are anticipated to see the project go live and we strive to deliver as planned. This dedication ensures that our clients receive top-notch services as well as results.

Testing and Celebration
10:00 PM

Late-Night Testing
and Celebration

Our celebrations extend beyond festivals; they are intertwined with product testing. We conduct closed group testing sessions in a real-world environment, with the team exploring the product from different angles. It provides valuable insights and ensures comprehensive testing in a shorter time frame.

Mission Accomplished
11:00 PM

Mission Accomplished -
Time to Rest

As the day winds down, we leave the office like achievers, knowing that we've given our best. The bed beckons after a fulfilling day's work. So, off we go, eagerly anticipating another day of innovation tomorrow.

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