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Our core values and responsiveness to cutting-edge technologies make us one of the most prominent Hybrid App Development Companies in the UK.

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Building Cross-channel

Building Cross-channel
Mobility Solutions

With our prominent presence in the UK and the USA, we have an experienced team that has worked on 500+ projects, using hybrid app frameworks and offering hybrid mobile application development services to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

  • Our savvy hybrid app development team has an impressive portfolio of building feature-rich hybrid apps.
  • Helping clients reach a wider audience and drive maximum ROI.
  • Our expert developers leverage the popular mobile platforms to build cross-channel mobility solutions.

Why HestaBit?

We know how startup enthusiasts think and approach product development. They are always on the look out for breakout technologies and a well-equipped team of developers who are well-versed with such technologies.

Besides building state-of-the-art applications., we address the following questions for our clients.

How to make a choice between technologies? What is the best way to identify new technologies, to make sure they deliver the expected business value?

Our role is not just limited to an iOS app development company, but we work with our clients as a technology partner. In today's dynamic business environment, such roles are a direct outcome of our industrial expertise and market-leading technological know-how.

We carry out quarterly workshops that encourage continuous learning among our iOS app developers, so that they can quickly understand the usability and scalability of the application.

We conduct psychometric and technical assessments to hire our iOS app developers. We make sure that their learning is continuous, and they keep getting timely opportunities. It is them who have made us grow over the past 11 years, as we are now a team of 250+ people.

startup enthusiasts

So what kind of apps are we best at?

Social Networking Apps

Seamlessly connect with new customers, market your products and promote your brand through the robust apps we create for you.

Party Manager Apps

Plan a get-together or a reception or an all-out birthday bash. Manage your time and enjoy the party instead.

On-demand Apps

Order products and services from the convenience of your homes through our user-friendly On-Demand Apps.

Listing Apps

Create lists of businesses for a specific niche or search for relevant listings in the nearby area.

News/Media Apps

Get instant access to all kind of news content around the world with our top-notch news apps for iOS and Android.

Chat Apps

Share text messages, photos, videos, short voice messaging or chat in groups with our interactive chat apps.


Bring you existing business to internet. Sell your products through our artfully designed eCommerce Apps.


Get access to health-related services and communicate with doctors on-the-go or from the comfort of your home.


Create and advertise your donation campaigns. Connect with people, ask for donations and propagate your humanitarian idea.

Security and Encryption

Keep your messages secure and insulate your communication from unscrupulous elements in cyber space.


Manage your money matters, track your expenses, plan your budget, and streamline your financial transactions.

Travel Apps

Plan your complete trip. Book your flights, hotels, and cabs. Search for the best places to visit within your budget.

Mobile App Development Services

Successful Mobile App is not built by accident. Plan it with an Award Winning team which knows this game.

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Web App
Development Services

Let's make the web more effective with Fast, Light, Secure and Bespoke web applications.

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Frequently asked questions

Native applications and Hybrid apps will both be in demand in the future. Although we must realize that we are just at the infancy of mobile space, since it is just the start, many of us are only focusing on limited platforms like Android, iOS, HTML, Windows. The platform preference may soon expand, hence catering to all the platforms is a must for entrepreneurs. This gives us a sense that Hybrid app development would be prevalent for companies and developers in the future.

Yes, hybrid apps are a lot easier to develop. They are time-efficient, cost-efficient, and require much fewer efforts in terms of development. All this is possible due to the need for a single code in the application for various platforms.

Yes, no doubts about that. You will be the sole owner of all your application's code. Once our developers complete the project, all the copyrights and authority would be handed over to you. We are a reputed brand, and we would do nothing to jeopardize our market reputation. We maintain proper transparency with intellectual property rights.

No boasting, but we have developed some wonderful hybrid applications that are currently rocking the market. You must have heard about them. They are: Circles, Salat Tracker, WildHire, Etc.

We say, Definitely! A hybrid application is capable of running on different platforms, thus expanding your audience reach.

In terms of performance, Native apps are considered a bit faster, but no hybrid app owner has once complained about their hybrid app lacking performance.

In fact, apps like Twitter and Instagram are all hybrid and have incurred their name and fame, thanks to their efficiency.

Developing a hybrid application can save up a lot of costs from your end. There is no need to develop the app for two different platforms separately, and only once code is written for all platforms. You save up Human resources and time, which in turn decreases your development cost.

Go with your instincts. All we can say is we have some of the most excellent developers in the world. They are not just skilled but have unique experience in the hybrid app development field. They have successfully completed 500+ projects with a satisfaction rate of 97.8%. We know where we stand, and we know our capabilities.

Yes, of course, your user's security is the topmost priority of your business. And we fully understand that. We make sure no security hazards take place in our presence. So you can just dodge off your worries.

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