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We Manage Your PPC the Right Way

Take advantage of a well-planned, strategically executed paid campaign carefully crafted to implement your needs and turn them into functional outcomes.

Audit of Business Objectives

We take our time in carefully analyzing and understanding your business objectives to align your PPC campaign with your goals. We go through your already existing PPC accounts to take deeper insights and provide a detailed analysis with workable goals.

Market Analysis

Using multiple intelligence tools, we examine your competitor’s campaign to keep track of things we can learn. Amalgamating all the goods, we create a win-worthy PPC campaign.

Creating Customer Persona

The critical aspect of a successful paid strategy is to make sure your audience can connect with what you present. We collaborate on your project to create mind-blowing customer personas to engage with your users better.

PPC Strategy

By now, we have a clear picture of all that needs to be done. Basing our goals on the analysis done till now, we customize our PPC strategy as per your project’s requirement.

Creating Creatives

The way to success is creative and compelling ad copy and creatives. We create CTAs to hook your audience and get them to engage through actions. You and we together can up your ROI game.

Traffic Source & Keywords

We create a perfect blend of positive and negative keywords offering cost efficiency and high user engagement. We comply with the budget and create a bang-on campaign, wasting nothing.

Building up the Campaign

Working on your old campaign or creating one from scratch, we put our extensive experience forth to break all limits. You own the account; we work the network.

Track the Goals

Tracking the goal is a step often missed by many reputed companies. If you fail to do so, there could be grave consequences. We ensure accuracy while making the right decisions towards your campaign.

Optimize the PPC

PPC is an evergreen way to grab your goals, which is why we keep on optimizing your campaign by weeding out the non-functioning ads. We aim to increase user engagement for your brand.


We move forward, making the best possible decisions through gathering meaningful data. Our weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports help us stay on track.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The web pages you create have a massive impact on your paid campaign; it can multiply. Therefore, we continually test copies, prepare CTAs, update layouts, etc. to keep these numbers increasing.

Reviewing the strategy

As there’s a surplus of data, the functioning and non-functioning strategies become clearer. The quarterly review we conduct helps us understand effective tactics better. If something doesn’t fit, we update it!

Get All or Everything!

You read that, right! There’s nothing we skip. The pay per click services we offer is a wide range of choices each entrepreneur would love to make. Take a look!


Display Advertising

We strategize your ad’s placement and put it where the world can see. Your audience will be targeted via a contextual advertising network, Youtube, and the Google display network.


PPC Audits and Reviews

We’ll help you understand the effectiveness of your existing campaigns, the changes it requires, and the functionalities improving your business growth. Based on that, we’ll move forward.



Increase your website’s traffic by displaying ads to the users who have previously visited your site. We set the target right.


High Conversion Rate

It all boils down to this, doesn’t it? We know what the end goal is, and we are experts in making it happen! Our PPC services offer excellent solutions to leverage the conversion rate in little time.

Services We Offer

We are here for everything. From ideation to strategizing to implementing and optimizing, we will walk by your side. Together we can make your PPC campaign a hit!



A well-strategized PPC campaign is the secret to success. If it’s your first time working on PPC, then this is the step you CAN NOT miss out! And if you already have an existing campaign, let’s trim it to be updated.

Channel Planning

Based on our experience, your requirements, and a solid understanding of the market, we’ll determine the channels and targeting options that’ll suit your PPC campaign the best and deliver high ROI.

Market Research

If you get a good hold of your market standing, nothing is holding you back. We’ll do thorough research and strategize and implement PPC solutions to escalate your business towards growth.


As a pay per click management company, we intelligently automate your campaign to reduce the cost and time invested in obtaining faster and better results.

Custom AdWords Script

We build what you want! From scripts that pause an ad when the traffic is more than manageable to scripts that adjust bids during currency fluctuations, our custom scripts are built to suit each purpose. It will definitely increase the campaign’s efficiency and returns.

Advanced Automation Tools

We automate the paid campaign using advanced automation tools, leveraging its capabilities across all platforms, including social media.



We strive to hook the eye! We believe that a catchy ad campaign will always stay longer in the memory span of your consumers.

Ad Copywriting

We believe in optimizing the quality score of your ads to the highest possible position. Many won’t know that decreasing the click-through rate can sometimes increase the conversion rate, because obviously, your goal is to get more and more users, not clicks! See, we know the rules.

Ad Design

We create dynamic and animated ads to grab your audience’s attention. Remember, static ads will not convert as better as the dynamic ones. We are design-pros! Your ads will only have high-quality designs so that you can outshine.


We are not trying to be Mr. Know it all. But we are almost there when it comes to PPC.

Global Experience

Our clients come from all around the world, especially the UK and the US. Therefore, we are experienced in running campaigns, suiting various markets. It’s safe to say that we understand what people want.


Fruitful Results

We’ve come to what you must have been waiting for- the results you’ll obtain out of our PPC campaign management services.

Proactive Management

Setting up an industry-leading campaign is no child’s play. In fact, many campaigns fail to establish a great example. Gladly, we are not them! We take the proactive approach to continuously scale up your business and improve the ROI through rigorous testing and a great combination of our resources and automation.

Custom Reports

Our weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports customized to your ongoing PPC strategy allow us to gain proper insight into the success road. We advance the vehicle as the way gets bumpy.

Let’s Audit to Rock It

We take a look at your existing PPC strategy and give honest reviews on what is working and what’s not. More importantly, we’ll pave your way to improvement.

Strong Account Structure

We ensure your account’s structure is properly set up to fasten the process of grabbing your goals.

Optimized Bid Strategy

We optimize your bid strategy, so you gain a lot in the minimum cost while not compromising your ad placement.

Detailed Keyword Strategy

We analyze the current keywords you use and make the necessary updates (if required). This way, we can increase the ROI as well as the traffic on your website.

Identifying Landing Pages

We carefully choose which landing page would go best with your audience’s preference. Based on that, we specify our campaigns around it, so your conversion rate could be higher than ever.

Engaging Copywriting

Our PPC management services aim to create ad copies your audience can never forget. And what stays in mind is projected through actions.

Setting up Ad Groups

We choose the ad groups that align with your goals; we don’t create far-reaching ad groups. Instead, we make sure to target the right set of people.

Your PPC Ads Will Stand-out - Let Us Explain

Commercial Impact

With minimum investment you will achieve maximum sales. We track our PPC campaigns using KPIs and derive maximum commercial value for our clients.

Accurate Measurement

In the last 3 months, we achieved an avg ROI rate of 34.56% for our clients. Behind those precise numbers is our precise reports, that make our PPC ads impeccable.

Purposeful Remarketing

Some people skip the details of a landing page on their first visit, and they bounce off. We re-engage them with our highly targeted ads, to make them see those details.


We have increased the traffic by 250% for our clients and their sales have gone up proportionally. In our PPC campaigns, traffic & sales go together.

Thoughtful Ad Placement

Your PPC ads will always pop up in front of your relevant audience. They will see what they really want to see while googling - Your product and services.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Great CRO leads to great Quality Score, and as PPC ad agency we achieve both by giving great relevancy to PPC ads and landing pages. 98% of traffic that didn’t convert, is in for a delightful conversion.

Our PPC Expertise Requires More Subheadings

We Know Your Audience

Our focus is to deliver audience-centric PPC solutions. We understand your audience’s requirements and intent first, and the rest comes later.

We Know the PPC Recipe

Having generated 80K+ leads till now, we know the recipe for a winning PPC campaign. We keep an eye on ROI, Impression Shares, and Quality Score, and we crank them up.

We Know the Secrets of PPC

There is more to PPC than meets the eye. Be it Responsive Ads or Negative Keywords or Account Notes; we have them covered.

A Great View Indeed. But Scrolling Is Good for Health

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Thrilling Results

Leads Increased By 220%
Conversion Rate Optimized By 159%
Increased Conversion Rate By 33.27%
Website Traffic Increased By 87%

We’ll Answer All Your Questions

We are an experienced pay per click management company, and we know these questions must be bothering you. So let’s get over with it.

PPC can provide you with various business benefits and a sharp increase in your brand’s engagement, lead submission, sales, and much more. Through PPC, you can track and measure almost all kinds of conversion goals. The best thing about setting up a PPC campaign is the immediate results an entrepreneur can see. So if you aim to scale up your business in no time, PPC is the way to go.

Our process is very transparent. We release weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on your PPC campaign’s current status, including the things that are working really well for your campaign and the things that are not. Based on the analysis, we then shrug off the unwanted elements from your PPC project. Remember, you will be the core part of the project in whatever we do.

The difference is simple:

Remarketing refers to the situation where you re-engage your potential customers via emails. In remarketing campaigns, we collect and compile user information into a list that can be connected via emails.

Retargeting means that you show your ads to the customers based on activities and cookies on your site. This is done through third party networks like Google Display Network.

We will equip your PPC campaign with the following essential elements:

  • Catchy headline
  • Informing description
  • Display URL
  • Destination URL

Other than that, we will make sure to keep on increasing the efficiency of your campaign with attractive graphics and attention-grabbing content.

The quality score of your advertisement holds great significance. Many factors may regulate your ads’ quality score, including:

  • The relevance of your ad text to the search query
  • Click-through rate of your ads
  • The relevance of keywords to the ad group
  • Landing page quality and relevance
  • Performance of your AdWords account and ad campaigns done in the past.

PPC specialists at Hestabit excellently manage your project’s paid campaigns, delivering unbelievable results and exceptional ROI. Our specialists fully understand your goals and objectives, your market standing, then hop on to curating a customized PPC campaign.

A good quality score depends on the quality and relevance of the keywords you have used, the PPC ads you run, simply the kind of keywords you are bidding on. The quality score only comes to being “good” when it is at 7 (minimum). That said, we ideally place your brand’s keywords after careful analysis.

We believe that both PPC and SEO complement each other and work at the optimum when done together. If we talk about which is better, then there is no definite answer. This answer may vary from individual to individual; you must analyze each strategy's pros and cons and decide on what you need out of your campaign. If you are confused, we’re always here for consultation.

The cost of your PPC campaign depends on what you expect out of it and what all you require. You have the freedom to choose your budget and place your bid at the keyword, along with the daily budget of an ad group or a PPC campaign. The cost you will have to spend on the PPC campaign will depend on the placement and quality score you choose.

In case you need to place your campaign at the most prominent position, you may have to put a higher bid, which will definitely increase your spendings.

We can create your PPC campaign specifically for what you want. There are various metrics you can analyze before you make the final choice. You can target the users based on their geographical location, demographics, keywords, searches, affinity, remarketing, and topics.

Believe us; there is nothing better than PPC when it comes to targeting. If you need proper control over your target audience, PPC is the way.

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