About Hestabit

With our local market knowledge and global reach, we better understand recruitment needs and make the perfect match. We solve the world’s toughest talent challenges through our dedicated and customizable rpo recruitment process, talent advisory and total workforce solutions.


13+ years

Experience in Recruitment Process Outsourcing



IT professionals hired every month



Profiles curated/year



Repeat business from our existing business partners.

What we do under the umbrella of RPO?

We Recruit

Our Recruitment Outsourcing solutions aim to simplify talent acquisition process. We do that by significantly increasing the number of qualified hires, while simultaneously lowering the hiring cost, and reducing the fill time.

We focus on methodology, measurable results and flexible solutions for every step of the hiring process. In short, our talent solutions help you take the guesswork out of recruitment.

We passively source and engage potential profiles, to build a large curated database. Upon receiving your job requirement, our team thoroughly screens the candidates.

We only proceed with those profiles that pass our multiple filters of communication skill assessment, background check, references, etc.
What we do under the umbrella of RPO?

We Consult

We leverage research and data to give consultation to our clients, and formulate an optimal workforce strategy for them, making sure that we:
  • Understand their company’s culture, capabilities, and goals
  • Model their organizational chart with detailed job descriptions
  • Build candidate personas against each job requirement
  • Reinforce their value proposition to recruit the best talent
  • Measure a candidate’s capability with a proven data-driven methodology

Why Hestabit?

Over the years, we have achieved incredible numbers for the most significant metrics in recruitment.

  • $2500
  • 84%
  • 78%
  • 8 Days
  • 88%
  • 43%
  • 82%

Our Value Proposition

  • Our stringent HR and Technical validation ensures high Hit ratio and expectation match.
  • Our customizable solutions allow you to scale your outsourcing up or down during high and low volume periods.
  • Our solutions help you amplify your brand with an approach that focuses on the candidate experience.
  • Our strong validation process and experienced team managed to keep the No Show percentage to as low as 8%, much less than the industry range of 17%.
  • Our HR employee relations team remains in touch with recruits at formal and informal level to cut down the attrition rate.

Our Recruitment Practices

  • Screening the candidates
  • Joining /Induction / On Boarding
  • Background Verification
  • Grievance Handling
  • Follow up with the respective departments for resolution of queries.
  • One to One meeting with employees
  • Performance review process initiation
  • Performance Feedback

Key Verticals Served

We understand that different industries have distinctive challenges. We leverage our robust experience and expertise to develop best-in-class talent solutions that move your business forward.


Healthcare & Fitness


Real Estate


E-learning & Education


E-Commerce & Shopping


Banking & Finance


Sports & Recreation


Media & Entertainment