Hestabit And Psydro: A Success Story

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Over the years, we have helped startup enthusiasts in attaining effectiveness and innovation. We believe that business-specific requirements drive the idea of innovation. This is how you can extract something meaningful and valuable out of it, say, like a review platform.

Being a consulting and IT services provider, we have supported them in riding the technological waves. We have helped them sail through inevitable transformations, especially within the sphere of mobile and web applications.

Our success story with Psydro has been no different.

The digital transformation is disrupting every single industry. It’s important to rethink business models and customer journeys to stay one step ahead. This is what we have achieved with Psydro.

Visionaries like Psydro (review platform) are constantly on the lookout for breakout technologies. They want to build cutting-edge applications, upgrade existing ones, or improve business efficiency. But to identify new technologies and ensure that they deliver the expected business value is a challenge. On top of this, it’s always a big ask to zero-in on the technology and strategic partner. Playing both these roles has been productive and fulfilling for us, over the span of two years.

We have taken a lot of pride in this role of ours. It draws on our industrial expertise and understanding of market-oriented technicalities. We have always believed in providing insights that trigger learning and have worked alongside our clients to encourage collaboration.

Together we addressed the key challenges of building an innovative review-platform like Psydro. We are keen to strengthen our relationship, to turn a review platform into something very intuitive.

Online reviews are very important to a huge chunk of customers. They like to read them before engaging further with a new business or product. We knew we had to put our best put forward to develop Pysdro’s website and mobile app from scratch, ie, from building the functionalities to designing to putting the platform live with agility.

What Excited Us About This Review Platform?

We experienced a sense of accomplishment when out of so many companies, they zeroed-in on our professional competence. There were no language barriers, and a seamless communication transpired.

The idea was to build a review platform that could enable regular consumers to gather various purchasing experiences and make informed purchasing decisions. Through Gamification, they could participate further by giving their own reviews. Moreover, the platform had great marketing potential for businesses, by fetching them genuine reviews and increasing the conversion rates.

The journey to building a cutting-edge review platform for buyers and sole traders has been challenging. Though it has been equally enriching and eventful as well.

We were given the task to design Pysdro’s website from scratch, and we seized the opportunity. The idea was to design a platform that was aesthetically sound and had the utmost usability, making the reviewing process interactive and indulgent.

Gamifying The Review Platform

Gamification was exciting for us. We took this opportunity to widen our technological spectrum, as a proud IT firm, which has been one of the many highlights of our success story so far. Giving reviews can be dull and boring, but we thought Gamification will make it more experiential. We thought it will add dynamism to the review platform. Newbies could climb the ladder and rise through the rankings with every review, to get enrolled in the rewards scheme.

The layout of each page depicting different modules like Affiliates, Widgets, and Invitations was brainstormed upon. We wanted to make sure that each element was aligned with Psydro’s vision.

Even while designing the Logo, we used every drop of our imaginative juices and came up with around 15 variations, as we wanted to catch the right pulse. Moreover, our persistence with agile methodologies blended perfectly with the dynamics of this huge project.

Our Project Management Shone Through

We were particularly meticulous from the Project Management standpoint, as we didn’t want any communication barriers or gaps. It was our way of showing how much we valued our engagement. In the initial stages of the project, our Head of Service Delivery himself worked on it tirelessly. The responsibilities were gradually transferred to the project management from his end, which resulted in a smooth transition. It is because of his enthusiasm, we were able to pull off such a huge work of bespoke nature, with so much more yet to achieve.

Our PM team has been instrumental in empowering startups with next-level technologies. What can be the differentiator for a new start-up, it truly understands that. In Psydro’s case, the entire team went full-throttle, working almost 20 hours a day, and providing efficient solutions in a quick span of time.

That said, few of the deadlines were missed, but we made up for that by turning around critical aspects of the project in a short span of time. With so many tasks at hand, we tried to keep our goal-realization as balanced as possible. If we somehow lagged behind in a set of tasks, we made sure that the other set of tasks were completed before the deadlines.

Planning The Next Milestone

All in all, we are thrilled to develop an impactful product and equally elated to know that Pysdro’s website and app have received positive feedback so far. Achieving flawlessness is never a cakewalk when you are working on a project of such magnitude, and one glitch or the other keeps on surfacing along the way. Though on our part, we have intensified our efforts to keep the count of glitches as minimal as possible.

Psydro is certainly a fresh take on reviewing, but on the technological front, there is still a lot more to unfold, and we can’t be more enthusiastic about our future endeavors with you. Turning Psydro into a truly intuitive platform is what we have set our sights on.

“Press on. Nothing in the world can take the place of great persistence. Nothing can take the place of great vision and determination, for they are omnipotent”

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