GoodFirms Interviews HestaBit’s CEO Harshvardhan Lakhera

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GoodFirms Interviews the Young and Dynamic CEO of HestaBit, Harshvardhan Lakhera

Known as the ‘problem solver’ of the company, Harshvardhan is an inspiration to many. As a co-founder and CEO of HestaBit Limited, he shares his insights on how he has carved out a successful company. He mentions about his team that has always walked with him on their journey towards triumph.

Introducing his company, Harshvardhan says that they are one of the fastest-growing IT companies. They provide innovative solutions to industries all around the globe. To date, they have served in over 50 countries and are still counting. HestaBit, he says has been the first choice of many SMBs, startups, and industries to avail web and mobile app development services.

His role in the company

On his role, he says that he bridges the gap between the theoretical understanding and practical implementation of technology.

Addressing the services their firm provides, he talks about the parameters they keep in mind when determining the time frame in which they create mobile apps. The parameters include the core functionality of the app that is to be developed. He sees security as an important parameter for an enterprise app.

He also throws light on the average time needed to create the back and the front end of an app. Examining the services that Hestabit for long, we expect it to shine among the top mobile app development companies globally.

In the interview, he talks about the right platform for developing mobile apps. Initially, the target audience, geography, and demography of the place have to be taken into consideration. However, there are other aspects to keep in mind when deciding the right platform for the app.

Their Services

HestaBit thrives not only in the mobile app development services but also in web development services. Their services are even expected to be enlisted among the top web development companies in London owing to their robust responsive sites.

Apart from all other services, what allures the attention is the objective of the company and why they want to serve this sector of IT. Even the details of the industries they serve say a lot about them. Their way of blending the developers’ team with other teams, is something to learn from.

What has led them to success today is their team efforts and even the business model they apply. To know more about what is so special about their business model, have a quick read of the full Interview with GoodFirms.

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