Bespoke Business Applications For Your SMB Is All You Need

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“Personalization is not a trend, it’s a marketing Tsunami”. 
Avi Dan, CEO (Avidan strategies)

Would you rather go with the cake that is just baked on a general day or with the one that has your name on it, specially customized for your birthday? Everybody likes personalized services that can make them feel esteemed and valued. 

Similarly, Each business is unique, irrespective of its scale, whether small, medium or large. Keeping this in mind, I believe every enterprise requires special demands when it comes to software development. Every day, as we take a step closer towards IT literacy with great access to the internet and technology, we come across new software solutions. Today, software development is not just available to companies that can afford it but also to every business with a web presence. 

Many established enterprises use out-of-the-box platforms to dignify their brands with extraordinary tools, but what about small and medium scale businesses? 

Now that software development has been helping the digital businesses for decades, a new trend has emerged for developing companies who are still in the process of growth and scaling their business activities. While we have much software sold “off the shell” serving a variety of purposes for the organizations, they will eventually fall short when the business starts expanding. 

This is why every business needs a customized software solution or better known as a bespoke solution that can fulfil all your unique requirements. When I talk about bespoke solutions, It is not just limited to software; it can be your business website or a bespoke web application as well.  

Is Bespoke Solution Good For Your Business?

The advantages of bespoke development are so numerous that once you start reaping its benefits, you will be at a loss why others are not doing it yet. Usually, underfunded companies and small startups prefer to deal with proprietary software; however, it is time to consider custom program development to outdo your competition in the market. 

Now, before we hop on to the trends and advantages, let us first understand what is a Bespoke software development and why your business should invest in it? 

What is Bespoke Software Development?

Bespoke software is described as a software directed at your business brand and customer’s wants and needs. Since the audience has become tech-savvy and goes for complex demands now, bespoke software can rescue any business to meet the requirements of every little user request. 

Bespoke software is also called a tailored software that is created for a specific user or organization. This software is developed to fit into your current ways of working. 

With Bespoke, What You Want Is What You Get 

Since the features of your product will be tailor-made, you will be using 100% of them, which means you are always on the profit margin. Moreover, you will be directed to maximum efficiency instead of relying on a commercial system that your competitors are likely using too. 

Now, comes the important question, Why should you invest in bespoke software development?

Think of it like this, you may have a product that exudes potential and can work wonders for your audience, but when a hundred more companies offer the similar product in a similar manner, you will not be able to make headway. 

To stand apart, what must do is invest in bespoke business applications or websites that match better with your clientele demands and give you maximum chances of bridging the gap between the supply and demand. 

In a sentence, Bespoke solutions are flexible, adaptable, agile, and the only customer-centric approach for your brand. 

Here are the most significant advantages that every small and medium business stands to enjoy when they choose to build bespoke solutions for their business:

  • Technology Excellence 

If your core business does not rely exclusively on technology, then there are chances that you might have less experience in looking for the right technology for your business. 

By right tech, I mean picking the right software, choosing the correct business application, utilizing best practices to customize and implement solutions using the platform. Not just this, an exemplary instance can help you identify new avenues for your digital channels. 

For instance, If you are into a retail business, you would probably opt for an eCommerce site. With bespoke, you can ensure that your specific business needs can be extended to your advantages and the USP of your brand outshines on every digital channel. 

  • Cost Efficiency 

Many small businesses highly focus on optimized costing for their resources but hardly plan on investing heavily in IT, which is understandable, since other fields of their core business require heavy financial assets. 

So if such companies opt for in house software development and buy prerequisite software, there can be a huge cost implication. The biggest one would be hiring and maintaining a large team of IT technicians to manage IT projects and facilitate development and ensure that the team stays for a longer-term in your company. 

The other cost will include the infrastructure needed for software development which by the way can be a significant burden on your expense sheet. Bespoke software will offer you technology development services on demand in agreed Service level agreements, and pricing models. On top of that, certifies that your infrastructure is up and running to support your business operations smoothly. 

  • Flexible Growth

When you choose bespoke development, there is an additional benefit of the personalized software for your business’s growth pace. Your software can be built with a flexible technology architecture that enables it to be extended in terms of features and processing power. 

You will have access to cloud-friendly development architecture where you can add more storage and handle multiple deployments in the coming time when your business picks up volume and pace. Besides, you will always have a technology partner by your side to help you mitigate the challenges that occur during the business workflow. 

  • Ownership of Software 

 Whenever you invest and implement commercial software in your business, certain resources and software’s IP is owned by the service provider. For every business-related change in your software, you will need to depend on the vendor to promote customization of the core product. 

However, today many vendors agree to the customization, but it ends up being a lengthy and painstaking process. Having to spend money and then wait for your upgraded product is not something every business owner would appreciate. 

On the better side, when you partner with bespoke development, all the technical capabilities, including the software IP, will be owned by your business. There is no delay and no limit to changing the software as per your business demands. The cherry on the cake is you get complete control over your system. 

  • Improved Security 

With commercial software, the security protocols and the policies will be powered by your company’s process. Today’s uncompromising data privacy and protection rules require small businesses to adopt even stricter arrangements for the client’s info safety. Here bespoke can help you identify best security policies and integrate them into your software and maintain the compliance requirements in your business areas. 

Also, it will be easier to integrate recent engagements when you have ownership. 

Final Thoughts 
With bespoke development on your side, you will always be ahead in the market in terms of cost and growth flexibility. As technology transforms to become more sophisticated and widely available, the entire population has somehow been compelled to become more computer savvy. Bespoke business applications and websites are today’s “smart” solutions to perfectly catering their user’s requirements. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on your very own personalized software, and craft the perfect solution to every business challenge that comes your way.

Shivangi is a Technical Content Writer at Hestabit. She is a dedicated one and a lifelong learner with an evergreen curiosity to learn new things. She uses her skilled research and technical expertise to come up with content valuable to the audience. She is a writer by day and a reader by night who loves exploring the marketing world.