7 PPC Hacks to Take Your Campaign to the Next Level

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Have you ever noticed the advertisements that appear on the side of your browser search? Aren’t they just eye-catchy and attractive?

Some might even stay in your memory span for days, months, or even years. 

These ads are often the driving force for the users to purchase or interact with an entrepreneurs’ product or website. 

But the question that bothers most entrepreneurs is how they can generate greater revenues for their brand? And that’s one popular way, and that is taking up PPC management services from any reputable company. 

Paid searches are considered one of the most effective ways to rapidly increase your brand’s name and fame. 

In this write-up, we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of PPC. This article contains: 

  • What PPC actually is?
  • Types of PPC ads you can try
  • Benefits you will receive with a great PPC strategy
  • Trick to rock PPC marketing 

So, ready to get going? Let’s start! 

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing. It is an advertising model used by entrepreneurs to display their product or brand on search engines such as Google and Yahoo for their users to see and engage with it. The users enter the search term they are looking for, known as “query,” in the search engine before they get relevant results for the search they have made. 

Text-based advertisements are often present on a user’s search engine whenever a search is done, and each time a user clicks on any such ads, the ad owner would have to pay. Therefore, it is called “pay per click.”

Let’s take an example of PPC for Google Ads. 

To display ads on search engines, advertisers place their bids on keywords (terms including particular words likely to be used in the search queries). For example, a technology-based business may bid on keywords such as “top technology,” “best technology” or “latest technology release.” The amount each advertiser bids on specific keywords will determine the amount they would have to pay at each click. 

The bid one places would vary based on many factors. However, the keyword’s competitiveness is the most important one of all. The competitiveness of keywords will be based on two factors- how many people are searching for the given keywords and how many entrepreneurs are bidding on it. 

Therefore, many advertisers take up services from a reputed PPC management company to get the best bid on the highest competitive keyword.

Types of PPC Ads

There is a wide range of options for choosing which advertisement you must use to place your bids on. 

Here are your choices: 

  • Search  Advertisements

All of us have seen PPC search ads, but not many know what they actually are. Most types of search ads are spotted on search engines such as Google or Bing. When you search for something, you will notice these ads either at the bottom or top of the organic search. 

Their small “Ad” logo can identify them.

  • Display Advertisements

Display advertising allows you to publish your ads on all partner websites Google has. These ads can be displayed all over the internet. Targeting audience for display advertising differs slightly from targeting Google ads, as you choose your audience on specific parameters. 

  • Social Advertisements

If you want to market your products by connecting with your users personally, then there could be nothing better than social advertising for your brand. Social ads can be placed in the targeted demographics’ newsfeed or other social hangout groups. The best thing about this kind of advertising is that you don’t even need to have a robust social base; all you need to start is a social account. 

  • Google Shopping  Advertisements

If you own an e-commerce platform, a Google shopping campaign would be the best suited PPC campaign for you amongst all. The results are often displayed in a carousel above Google’s search result, allowing the users to check the prices and products even before they click on it. 

Advantages of PPC Marketing

Effective PPC marketing can get you instant advantages and increase your brand recognition and market standing. 

Let’s have a look at the fantastic advantages PPC offers: 

  • Advertise directly to the people searching for businesses like yours

PPC enables a business owner to market her/his product in front of a whole new audience. No matter which platform you choose for advertising your product or brand, you can directly target those who are searching for keywords you have bid on. Therefore, your target audience is already aware of the product and is looking for ways to make a purchase. 

  • Targeted Advertising

When you avail of PPC management services, you benefit from choosing particular terms to target the perfect audience for your product. The chosen keyword will send the user to your page once they search for a specific keyword. Thus their chances of converting are higher. 

  • Measurable Return on Investment

PPC advertising allows the business owner to measure the amount s/he has invested and their return on their ads. Thus it is possible to optimize the next project in a better way. 

  • Immediate Impact

Businesses have been using Search engine optimization (SEO) for a long time now to shape their online presence with strategies making them visible on the web. However, many businesses lose patience since SEO practices take months to deliver results. 

However, this is not the case with PPC marketing. When you avail of PPC management services, you will see an immediate impact in your brand name’s placement when any search is done on the search engine. This is a matter of just a few hours. 

  • Pay Only When a User Clicks

PPC is a guarantee of interaction. You only have to pay for the particular interaction that has been made by a user on your ad. Therefore, you know that a user has engaged with the ad you placed, and there are no risks of investing more than you can generate. 

Plus, any user that comes across your ad is most likely to be already interested in it. 

Now comes the central aspect of this write-up! 

You already know what a PPC campaign is and how it can give you excellent benefits, now let’s discuss the hacks that will help you build a bang-on PPC campaign with the PPC management company you have hired. 

The 7 Proven PPC tactics for a successful e-commerce campaign

  • Advertising on Multiple Platforms

Most businesses solely focus on Google Ads, which is somewhat a smart thing to do. Your brand can reach a massive set of audience that counts in millions or billions of users interacting with your website, including the ones in your target market. All this can be done via Google Ads. 

However, this does not imply that you should restrict your PPC campaign to just Google Ads.

You can get your target audience to interact with your ads through various other channels, such as social media networks. For example, Facebook is considered the go-to social media platform for brands trying to bring audiences to know them, enhance customer loyalty, and increase revenue. 

You can take up PPC management services to research the available ad networks and streamline your PPC goals and strategy with it.

  • Include Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are not a new addition to PPC strategies for brands that have already engaged in online marketing. Ad networks such as Google Ads continually expand their extension list. Therefore, there are high chances that you may have missed a fresh extension that can drastically improve your ads. 

These extensions can be added when you choose to go for Search ads.

A few good examples of valuable Google extensions are: 

  1. Message Extensions

Message extensions can be added to your PPC ad for users to get in direct contact with your team via a text message. You can interact with your users via a designated phone number or email address or set up automated responses. This is an excellent extension for companies dealing with travel or hospitality. 

  1. Call Extension

Call extensions let you include your number to the ad to make it easy for the users to call you directly. If a user is accessing your ad via a mobile device, s/he can easily and instantly get in touch with you just with a single click. These extensions are great for companies that provide instant services like repairing. 

  1. Price Extension

You can add price extensions in the ad to make your users aware of additional information about the endorsing product. This may include the price and other variants. These extensions can be updated with no hassle and make it easy for your users to make a purchase with your business. This is something an e-commerce business can not skip. 

This extension is a must if you need to provide your audience with the market value and outshine the competition.

  1. Sitelink Extensions

A sitelink extension lets you add more links to your ad. You can make people reach specific pages of your website by adding this extension to the ad you are publishing (for example, a particular product). When a user clicks on the link you have added, they can directly access the product they are willing to buy. 

  1. Callout Extensions

Callout extensions allow you to promote unique offers through your advertisement. These offers may include free shipping or free customer consultation. When a customer looks at your ad, they should obtain full information about your brand, services, and products. 

  • Launch a Remarketing Campaign

Do you know what your business’s favorite companion is? A remarketing campaign.

When you strategically apply remarketing techniques on a user who has already got in touch with your brand or is aware of your product, the chances of their purchase from you rise up to 70%. Therefore, the technique deserves a spot in your PPC campaign with such great odds. 

Let’s first understand the meaning of remarketing deeply! 

Remarketing refers to an advertising tactic allowing you to remarket your business to those users who have already established communication with your brand before. To effectively remarket your brand, you can create audiences appropriate for your campaign by narrowing them down to page, time, device, etc.

Once you have defined your audience, it would be easier for the PPC management company to work with you to build an effective remarketing campaign for you. 

  • Try Similar Audiences

If you aim to find innovative PPC strategies, you can use similar audiences for your Google Ads. The audience type allows your business to reach users that match your existing followers, users, and website visitors. 

It provides unbeatable accuracy and depth to your business when it comes to targeting your audience. 

Plus, you can also find lookalike audiences on Facebook. As we all know, both Google and Facebook ads add the most to the audience creation process only with the team’s minimal data, which does not take very long. 

  • Design Landing Pages for Mobiles

Today, every company aims to satisfy mobile users, mainly for three reasons: 

  1. More than 50% of internet traffic globally comes from mobile devices.
  2. Mobile devices allow more than 40% of online transactions of the world
  3. More than 50% of clicks on ads are generated via mobile devices. 

However, many businesses tend to overlook the competency of a mobile device while creating a PPC ad. While your advertisement will still be displayed on tablets or smartphones, there are high chances that they won’t function as flawlessly as they do on other devices.

A top-notch landing page (where your user is sent upon click on an ad) is: 

  1. Fast 
  2. Functional
  3. Relevant 
  4. Intuitive

A mobile-friendly PPC campaign is highly crucial if you need to increase your ROI.

  • Set a Realistic Budget

A lot of businesses set unrealistic budgets while approaching PPC marketing services. While you may place a budget for your PPC campaign, there are chances that your company will not be able to generate significant output if you have a barely-there budget. 

This does not imply that you would have to set an over-the-top, no-limit budget for your ad campaign. This simply means your budget should be realistic, including everything based on thorough research such as the average cost-per-click ads or other averages of your industry. 

If you have researched your rival businesses’ spending, you can set up an appropriate budget for your PPC campaign. 

  • Fabricate a Compelling ad Copy

No matter what genre of campaign you are running, every PPC ad would have to focus majorly on creating a compelling copy. 

Your ad copy, from heading to multimedia to description, must be able to hook up your audience and stay in their memory span for as long as possible. If you don’t manage to pull this off, your whole PPC campaign will suffer. 

If your ad copy is boring, you better not expect users to click on your ad campaign, and if that happens, you may not get enough conversions. 

You can create a compelling ad copy basing it on the following aspects: 

  1. Highlight relevant promotions, prices, and exclusions
  2. Share your unique selling point in the ad
  3. Include effective Call-to-Action (CTAs) 
  4. Focus on benefits your users will obtain, rather than informing about your product’s features
  5. Make sure your landing page stands upon what your ad copy suggests. 

Developing an effective ad copy may take significant time, and actually, it should also. A lot of thought should be given before you launch an ad. The PPC management company you hire must create great ads since they will dynamically enhance your campaign’s performance.

Parting Thoughts

We hope this article helped give you a clear idea of what a PPC campaign is all about and how to optimize it. With an optimized PPC campaign, you can revolutionize your business’s growth and bring about tremendous transformation in your market standing. 

A variety of strategies are here to back up your brand’s performance in PPC ads. Strategically place all techniques into your campaign and generate great results in significantly less time. 

It’s all about smart work and strategies combined! 

Sakshi is a technical content writer at Hestabit. She understands the intricacies of writing, and her writing style is eloquent and compelling. She focuses on facilitating growth and cherish writing blogs that are informative and worthy. She understands the market scope and always targets the highest goal.