Know How to Surge Your Digital Marketing After Covid-19!

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Time is one of the only things in this world that never remains constant. It keeps changing from ‘time-to-time.’

One big transition of the same is the Coronavirus outbreak hitting the world early this year! Everyone has experienced their own set of challenges to deal with this pandemic. It has certainly transformed the way a lot of things are.

Hereby we say, 

Changed Times, Changed Measures!

One thing that, too, experienced some unexpected adjustments is digital marketing. As nobody got a clue for how long these difficulties and the state of prudence will be continued, people started to work differently based on different strategies to keep the goal going in the right direction.

It is to be noted that as the steps taken at the beginning of this outbreak were different as compared to those when it was at the peak, the ones after it would end will be different. 

There are several practices that can help you have great achievements in your digital marketing as the Coronavirus outbreak leaves the world. And that is exactly what we will be addressing in this write-up.

But before approaching the ways to deal with digital marketing after the end of Coronavirus, let’s first go through some major occurrences of changes that have occurred during the Coronavirus pandemic in the corporate world. 

Highlights That Must Not Be Missed

As per a survey conducted by Search Engine Watch about the consequences of quarantine on digital marketing, the results came out as,  

  • 19% of companies came up with anti-crisis plans 
  • Over 64% claimed to start working remotely
  • 40% of respondents confirmed a pay-cut
  • While no employees were dismissed in 60% of the companies, around 24% confirmed them or their colleagues were being laid-off
  • 63% of companies happen to lean more towards PPC
  • 46% of businesses lost essential customers, and 12% said to gain new ones
  • 28% saw a decrease in traffic. On the contrary, 27% enjoyed a surge in the same

While a lot of changes seemed to come about with such striking statistics, the top 3 we can not deny include:

Work from home: The first and foremost change experienced by one and all is working from home. Considering the need of the hour, people didn’t take much time to adjust themselves, their businesses to the ‘new normal.’ Such a tweak in the internal processes has supported many to keep going. 

Modulations in Sales: A drop in sales was experienced by many businesses out there. However, as a comfort to some, they have enjoyed an upliftment in sales during the pandemic. And for some, it was a no-change situation.

Transition in Online Traffic: Several businesses derived a benefit from the traffic boost. On the other hand, some had a dramatic decline in their online traffic

What are the Solutions?

After going through the numbers and the changes that happened, it’s time for the digital marketing solutions, strategies, and approaches to drive the best outcomes with your digital marketing as this whole situation associated with Coronavirus ends. 

1. Digital Conversion Funnel Assessment

If you never really got an opportunity to dig into your analytics and reporting data, now is the moment!

Assessing the Digital Conversion Funnel helps you figure out how your customers find your business, what they appreciate, and what they don’t, how they make their purchasing decisions, and much more. 

Get closure and apply your knowledge gained to place your brand and sell yourself services better digitally. This can be done by analyzing what keywords are driving traffic in Google Analytics, which ad copy in Google Ads is driving clicks or conversions, and figuring out how the interests and engagement of your customers can be enhanced. 

2. Run PPC Ads

Under current circumstances, instead of spending your ad spend just like that, try to make it more targeted and effective with PPC.  

Make an effort to bid over higher value clicks. This would result in an enhanced number of attentive audiences. 

What you can contribute more to your strategy is considering the publishing destinations, negative keywords lists, ad scheduling, and geo-targeting efforts, etc. 

You can even reach out to a PPC management company to assist you in running a successful PPC campaign and obtain a profitable opportunity out of time going-on.

3. Digital Offers & Transactions

Your revenue generation is not just limited to your customers visiting your stores. 

So what if you and they can’t go out to sell and buy respectively?

You can go online to keep your business running. A plethora of options are now available for carrying out online transactions. You can add and implement the most suitable one to your existing website.

You can offer some lucrative deals to your customers in order to persuade them for an online transaction. Sell gift cards, offer a pickup if social distancing protocols can be maintained, set personalized shopping experiences, launch paid-for webinars, etc. It’s high time that you can use this practice to do something good for your business. You can even benefit from it in the future. 

4. Introduce an Affiliate Advertising Campaign

Affiliate marketing has been exponentially translating into improved costs. It can be brought to use in Covid-19, too, in order to promote your brand or product/service. Collaborating with new partners or encouraging sponsored content can bring you the desired results.  

Choose wisely the ones who seem to have a strong affinity with audiences according to your objective and possess a good number of clicks/views in your relevant category. Make certain to have controlled terms about how they will be generating the traffic you’ll pay on. 

5. SEO-Friendly Copy Over Website

Now that people have more time here and there than they used to have before, they are spending a good amount of it on browsing through websites. 

This has made many brands and businesses worldwide create an SEO friendly copy on their website. 

Make a note to add an SEO friendly copy that well describes your products or services to persuade the potential customers into making a purchase decision. People now are interested in engaging content that influences their purchasing decisions or a move towards the call-to-action; seek benefit from it by providing relevant content with explanatory keywords in prominent parts of your website. This would result in easy navigation for customers over your site along with an improved ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

6. Efficient Email Marketing

Businesses don’t fall short of email marketing lists and the strategy; what they may often fail at is the adequate utilization of it. It indeed is an effective way, and you need to release an insightful, thoughtful, and engaging email to your list in order to strike a chord. 

Just be real, accurate, and transparent. Check for how many of your emails get opened by your customers. This enables you to implement your email marketing strategy acknowledging all measures beforehand to achieve the desired outcome. 

7. Reach Out to High-Profiles 

You see, in the times so tough, we have got to have each other’s back. If you had not really promoted a website in the past with your resources, it is now the time to do so. 

Numerous profiles with their already established and well-known existence on sites like Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp often enjoy traction in digital marketing channels. Go with the one who is most relevant to your set of target audiences or customers. One found the right fit; you can start optimizing there. Incorporate images, text, video, etc. to grab more eyes. Ask your loyal customers to share their good and insightful reviews, along with sharing your website or social media pages with their friends. Just don’t miss out on these amazing profile links back to your website.

The Concluding Note

The time coming is showing significant signs of betterment in terms of Covid-19. It is required for you to think your future strategy through!

Do whatever you can from reaching out to high profiles, availing PPC management services to assessing the consumer conversion funnel, or carrying out effective email marketing to sail the ship of your digital marketing to the shore of accomplishment.

Strategizing based on the points mentioned above can offer you so much more than a general fill-in to survive. Not just the time-oriented, but all these solutions are very well capable of bearing long-term benefits as well. 

With so many choices now, don’t let any opportunity let go off of you. The future certainly has an ample of benefits in store for your digital marketing!

Nishi is a content curator, strategist, and writer. Her curiosity to know about anything and everything supports her passion for writing. Nishi mainly possesses a good knowledge of research & analysis, networking, critical thinking, writing, and problem-solving, contributing to the long list of her skills. She also has an eye for the details, which allows her to keep an idea of something about everything.