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How To Create An Irresistible Call to Action?

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If you think that just by using “Sign up”, “Buy now”, “Learn more” as your CTA, you can improve the conversion rate, then you are mistaken.

The audience is more aware than before and is much more emotionally involved with the purchasing process. Therefore, such half-baked phrases aren’t of much help.

If you want to create a persuasive call-to-action, then this write-up is for you.

There is no sense of curiosity and urgency in most CTAs today. That is why they are seen as cliche and ineffective.

That said, creating a compelling CTA is never an easy task. You have to strike a balance between evoking a sense of urgency and at the same time, not being too pushy.

We have discussed some finer points that will make your CTA a winner. Have a look.

1. The “Free Trial” tactic

There will be very few who don’t like the phrase “Free Trial”, and if you club it with your CTA, you can entice the visitors big time. It can work even better for SaaS companies, as they can give a free trial of their software.

Some of you might have apprehensions regarding this. People might avail the free trial but may not buy your product. But trusts us, if you have a grasp on email marketing, you can easily convert such people into serious customers.

That said, before you expect visitors to click on “Free Trial”, you need to assist them throughout, by placing the right pieces of content at right places and addressing all their questions. This is how you can organically drive them towards the end goal. This is how you can increase your conversion rate.

Another thing that you need to consider is the free trial’s time period. What suits you best, a 14-day or 30-day free trial period? It depends on the nature of your business and how responsive is your ideal customer.

You can implement A/B testing and track actionable metrics, to figure out the apt timeframe for your free trial.

2. Make your CTA benefit-driven

CTA is not just about getting visitors to click some button. You need to promise them a benefit, otherwise, your click-through rate won’t be impressive. Let’s understand this by an example.

Before Google’s algorithm updates, the quality of content which people posted wasn’t up to the mark, be it blogs, or Youtube videos. Google’s penchant for quality content wasn’t taken seriously by marketers. But after back to back updates from Google, things changed dramatically. It’s a different ball game now.

Google values the answers it gives to content-searchers. It knows that it has to benefit them through SERPs, otherwise they will shift to Bing, Yahoo, or some other search engine. Your CTA must work the same way. It must show benefits to users.

For example, just above the CTA button, you can mention something like, “Double your traffic in 30 days.” And on the CTA button itself, you can mention something like, “Click to watch the free course.”

3. You must show instant gratification

“Good things come to those who wait”. Well, in the real-life scenario, this phrase seems to be relevant. But if you think about a person who lands on your page, you better gratify him or her instantly.

Today, people are accustomed to instant gratification. They want immediate rewards.

Whoever lands on your page, they are sparing their valuable time for your product. They have a lot of questions and doubts, and they want instant answers and value. So, it’s better not to try their patience.

You need to understand one thing. People resort to digital space because of the quick results it provides. When your business is dependant on digital space, even a slight delay in giving people what they want can badly affect the conversion rate.

That said, it’s much more difficult to trust someone in this space. So such delays make your case even worse.

Therefore, the moment they on your page, just give them something informative, like an ebook on “Lead generation tactics”. Create an impression that you are not here to siphon off their money and are willing to share your knowledge with them. This goes a long way in building that much-needed trust so that they can share their credit card details with you.

4. Make people curious with your CTA

Most of the people make emotional choices while purchasing a product. To create an effective CTA, you need to understand the emotional triggers which people have, such as trust, surprise, or satisfaction. Once you emotionally trigger someone, you generate in them a desire. In other words, you make them curious.

You must evoke a question like, “What’s there on the other side of that CTA”, in the minds of prospects. This can greatly improve your CTR, and therefore your sales.

This principle not only applies to landing-pages. Even when you are creating PPC ads, you must evoke curiosity in people. They must perceive benefit or a reward from your ad. If they sense that by clicking on this ad something good is going to happen, then it becomes more of an emotional quest for them. This leaves you with a great chance of having them click on your CTA.

Curiosity and urgency complement each other. If you somehow bring a sense of urgency in your CTA, then you can aptly use people’s curiosity.

You can use a phrase like, “Get this ebook, before it’s too late”. For someone who is already curious and is looking for a reward, such a phrase can increase his or her excitement. This enhances the chance of a conversion.

But you gotta be honest while evoking curiosity. You can’t promise your prospects the world, only to back away. So if you use powerful words in your CTA, then deliver on them. Just remember one thing, the word of mouth matters.

There are some persuasive words that you can use in your CTA, to evoke curiosity. Here are a few of them.

1. You
2. Free
3. Bonus
4. Instantly
5. New


Everything you create, whether it’s the landing page, promotional banners, sales copy, or PPC ads, only one thing matters. Whether your CTA button is clicked or not.

You just need to optimize the above elements for your target audience, and the rest of the things will fall into place.

Most people worry about the traffic. They think the success of their site or blog depends on traffic. It’s the case. You need the right people to click on your CTA like “Add To Cart”, to build a profitable blog or a sales funnel.

You can always retarget people who bounced off your site. This is how you will achieve consistency in your sales. Here’s a guidebook on retargeting visitors.

So let us know your thoughts on this write-up. We hope it addressed your doubts regarding Call To Action.

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