4 Ways In Which Custom Website Development Can 3X Your Sales?

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They say, if you want to don the best-looking suit, it’s better to customize it. The reason being, you know what fits you comfortably and what you can smoothly carry. Moreover, when the clothing is right, you can present the best version of yourself.

The same thing applies when you want to have a website for your business. It’s always better to opt for custom website development. This way you can have a website that is built around the core of your business. More importantly, you can create a website from the sales perspective.  

The other option is to opt for a template website. But one of the drawbacks of this option is, you won’t be the first one to use that template, and you won’t be the last.

To drive sales you need to establish your brand first.

In this regard, opting for predefined templates is definitely not a productive strategy. You need a website that speaks distinctively for your brand. This is how you can differentiate yourself from your contemporaries.

Only a professional company is equipped to build a custom website for your business. A website that can turn visitors into leads.

Let’s take this discussion further and explore different ways in which custom website development can boost your sales. You can refer to this guide to understand more about branding.

1. You can tell your Brand’s story

The idea behind customizing a website is to establish your brand’s individuality. In other words, you can stay true to your brand’s objectives and tonality. Successful customization is can propagate your marketing goals, otherwise, it serves no purpose.

Most of the pre-made templates may not show consistency with your brand. So choosing them over customization may result in an amateurish website. With custom website development, you have the freedom to incorporate color combinations. Also, you can use typography that reflects your brand’s ethos. You can meticulously plan the layout of your content (body copy, list items etc). This way you will ensure that your pitch is well articulated.

To sum it up, just remember, customization lets you experiment and ideate. This can go a long way in boosting your sales.

2. You can improve your Website’s Loading Speed

If you believe that a website’s speed doesn’t influence sales, then you are mistaken.

From a sales point of view, your website’s visibility on SERPs is paramount. It may surprise you, but a website’s loading speed is one of the factors in determining its Google Ranking’. If yours is a sales-oriented website, you would want it to appear at least in the top 10ps search results, won’t you?   

Putting the findings of various surveys into consideration, around 47% of visitors expect the website’s loading time to be 2 seconds or less. Around 40% of visitors exit a website’s page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Needless to say, a website’s conversion rate drops significantly because of this.

So how can customization increase your website’s overall speed?

You no more have to rely on plugins that are outdated, as they slow down a website’s speed. Although plugins can enhance the user experience, having too many of them may compromise on your website’s security and can even lead to untimely crashes. Moreover, too many plugins result in too many updates, and keeping up with such updates becomes a lot more tedious.  

3. You can build a Responsive Website

Google has finally unrolled Mobile-first indexing, which will change the way websites are ranked. From now on, websites that are more responsive or in other words are mobile-friendly, will be ranked higher on SERPs. Needless to mention, this will greatly aid SEO efforts. 

What does it suggest?

Google won’t direct users to websites that function improperly or appear disoriented on smartphones. Websites that provide better customer experience and fits perfectly with all screen sizes, will be valued more by Google from now on.  

There are Statistics that support Google’s newfound algorithm for ranking. Averaging out the results from various surveys, around 67 percent of users engage better with a responsive website, and in turn with its services, which of course results in better sales. Around 61 per cent of users leaves a poorly designed website without much engagement or activity.

4. You can design a business-friendly layout for your website

Aesthetics of a website also determine its conversion rate. Your website should be navigationally convenient and visually appealing. Predefined templates may not necessarily cater to these.

Custom website development makes it possible to create a user-friendly layout. But what’s a user-friendly layout?

According to various researches done in the past, visitors generally follow an ‘F’ pattern, while browsing a web page.  When they land on a web page, they first scan the top section from left to right. Then they scan the page downwards, glimpsing across the content. The least attention is given to the bottom right section.   

How can this knowledge be used to boost sales?

Well, it’s not that difficult to guess. You can arrange the business-centric elements along with the ‘F’ pattern. For instance, you can place your ‘Call To Action’ at the top-left section. Here’s a guide to creating irresistible Call To Action

You can have your blog posts or something like a ‘Latest News’ or ‘Important Updates’ section down the left side of the page.

Elements that aren’t much relevant to your product or services say sponsored ads, can be placed at the top-right section. Similarly, information that doesn’t require higher visibility such as cookie policies, can be placed at the lower right-hand corner of the page.

Now that you have understood the nitty-gritty of Custom Website Development, you might feel confident to build your own website. Get in touch with a professional website development company in this regard.

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